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Welcome to your 150 hour TEFL masters course. 

This comprehensive course covers everything you need to teach across a broad range of contexts including teaching children and adults.  It will help you to understand the foundations of teaching English and as well as its often difficult grammar points.   Additionally, more and more international language schools are employing teachers solely to teach exam classes.  Millions of international students commit to learning English with the sole aim of taking an exam such as I.E.L.T.S.  so this course will help you to understand the key concepts in teaching exam classes.                                                                                        

 As English in the most widely spoken international language, many students need to communicate in English for business.  This course also comprehensively covers how to teach this specialism. 

It consists of 17 modules that are broken down into small units with interactive questions as you go along and is designed to engage and help you learn. You will also be tested at the end of each module. When you have completed all 17 modules successfully, you will then be able to download your certificate and email it to employers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start learning about how to become an inspiring English as a Foreign Language Teacher now!


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